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About the project  Inspired by the brilliant pigments of multicolor flow cytometry, Patter Hellstrom created this large-scale piece for BD Biosciences to commemorate the creation of the first set of Product Development Modules on campus. This new spatial ecosystem is designed to improve collaboration and teamwork to promote scientific innovation, stimulate technological breakthroughs, and accelerate product development from idea to launch.

Flowing energy and color ring in the new year with this active and powerful piece. Inspired by the color and vitality of the secondary forests in Costa Rica, this work is alive with interconnected activity and strong movement. Fertile Ground is a 60" x 30" acrylic ink on polypropylene panel painting.  




Sonoma Mustard 30" x 60" acrylic ink on polypropylene 2016

Heart Center 30" x 60" Acrylic ink on polypropylene 2016


SOLO SHOW 2015 QR: Interactive Works by Patter Hellstrom 

"Patter's paintings are alluring. Her paintings beckon the viewer to visually get lost in the undulation that is created by her use of medium. I have never known any artist to work with the acrylic ink wash on polypropylene. Her mastery of the fluidity of motion is her own language. It is very rare to find ones solo voice when so much has been done in the name of art."  

Annette Schutz, Owner of ArtHaus Gallery SF

 On View in the Gallery....




Citron Tartan 15" x 15"

Scot Meacham Wood Home New site kicked off with a half dozen of Hellstrom's paintings from her Tartan Collection. Look for four fresh pieces on view at the SF Design Center in May!


Installation + Film Grief Path / artist Patter Hellstrom traced the last four years of her life, marked by significant personal losses of some of those closest to her. Informed by her own Judeo-Christian upbringing balanced against a deep interest in Buddhist principles, the artist maps the psychological, cognitive, and emotional dimensions of grief through time.



Vedder Price LA Headquarters

2015 Q3 Gina Stepaniuk / New Views: Planet Earth

2015 Q4 Marion Lane / Geometric Abstraction Made of This World

2016 Q1 Gregg Chadwick/ Atmospheric Cityscapes

2016 Q2 Gay Summer Rick / Urban Coast 

“I first worked with Patter Hellstrom Visual Art when Vedder Price, an international general-practice law firm, selected Patter’s work for the second quarterly art installation in our San Francisco office.  Patter and Paul also worked closely with us to plan our first client/artist reception, which featured Patter’s works.  When we opened our Los Angeles office, we engaged Patter Hellstrom Visual Art to curate its quarterly art installations.  Patter and Paul have been outstanding art partners offering a variety of works from local artists, attending to every detail, and providing beautiful collateral material to accompany each installation.  I highly recommend them.”   Michele Reilly, Office Manager Vedder Price San Francisco

MITHILA PAINTING: The Evolution of an Art Form  The show is filled with fantastic connections between traditional and contemporary subject matter and styles.