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Tartan Collection      Scott Meacham Wood Home

Patterns of Control 19" x 19" 

Citron Tartan 15" x 15"From Tartans to bar codes Hellstrom has been inspired by patterns recently. In "Quick Response" patterning was introduced via QR codes in the work and in tandem with the paintings. New work includes pattering as the next iteration. 



Quick Response: Interactive Woks by Patter Hellstrom April-June 2015

"Patter's paintings are alluring. Her paintings beckon the viewer to visually get lost in the undulation that is created by her use of medium. I have never known any artist to work with the acrylic ink wash on polypropylene. Her mastery of the fluidity of motion is her own language. It is very rare to find ones solo voice when so much has been done in the name of art."  

Annette Schutz, Owner of ArtHaus Gallery SF



Patter Hellstrom's Hungry Ghost Dreams 48" x 48" is featured by designer Scott Meacham Woods at The 2015 Hampton Designer Showhouse

"The mud room’s bold color palette reflects the acid yellow and bright red of its tartan accessories, selected from the designer’s own textile and home decor collection, Scot Meacham Wood Home, launching this fall. Sporting goods such as an antique croquet set and bespoke kayaks imbue the space with a lively, adventurous feel. Original contemporary artwork from Andrea Arroyo, Jhina Alvarado, and Patter Hellstrom represented by San Francisco-based ArtHaus Gallery adorns the room’s walls. Uniting his home of San Francisco with the Showhouse’s New York location, Scot selected pieces from artists hailing from both coastal cities and presents their works side by side. With his tailored details and fresh palette, Scot creates an impactful space that is both functional and chic." PRWEB

"I would especially like to thank James Bacchi of ArtHaus San Francisco for working with me to curate this marvelous collection of artwork. Patter Hellstrom's "Hungry Ghost Dream" was the perfect abstract piece to anchor the entire room. I love its movement and energy - and the colours were perfect for the space. Jhina Alvarado's "Sailboat" and "Piggy-back Ride" were an early choice for the room. I find their ghostly nostalgia incredibly compelling."

Scott Meacham Wood 



HEAT at ArtHaus Gallery / summer show San Francisco 2015

Featuring Northern Lights (below) and Twin Impulses (back wall soon below) by Patter Hellstrom

Northern Lights 40" x 40" acrylic ink on polypropylene mounted on panel                                                              Twin Impulses 4ft x 6ft



Installation + Film Grief Path / artist Patter Hellstrom traced the last four years of her life, marked by significant personal losses of some of those closest to her. Informed by her own Judeo-Christian upbringing balanced against a deep interest in Buddhist principles, the artist maps the psychological, cognitive, and emotional dimensions of grief through time. What are the navigational tools on a grief path? The gestural paint applied over the rationalized pencil grid reflects the emotional immediacy of each moment, and letting go of cultural expectations around each loss resulted in moments of grace and acceptance.



Gina Stepaniuk / New Views: Planet Earth, a Patter Hellstrom Visual Art project at Vedder Price LA headquarters.

Abstract views of our planet’s topography present this unusual landscape exhibition by Gina Stepaniuk. The surfaces describe the Earth simultaneously from afar and in microcosm. The artist punctuates organic compositions with light-colored open spaces inviting the viewer to ponder the alternative vantage points while engaging with the rich color harmonies used.  

MITHILA PAINTING: The Evolution of an Art Form 

The show is filled with fantastic connections between traditional and contemporary subject matter and styles.