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QUICK RESPONSE: Interactive Work by Patter Hellstrom 

Energetic brushwork in bold color mixes with technology in the upcoming ArtHaus exhibition of paintings by Patter Hellstrom.  

QR codes lead the viewer into a layered experience, first with dazzling color and movement then through a digital portal.
With the click of a smart phone app the viewer moves deeper into the work of art. 
April 9 – June 27, 2015

Press Release  

Breaking Through 30" x 60" 


Hellstrom CV

               Deam Panel | Vertical Color | FLOW 


Hellstrom + Design

Twin Impulses featured in the HGTV article in Front Door CLIMB and ArtHaus.


Installation + Film 

Grief Path / Bay Area-based artist Patter Hellstrom traced the last four years of her life, marked by significant personal losses of some of those closest to her. Informed by her own Judeo-Christian upbringing balanced against a deep interest in Buddhist principles, the artist maps the psychological, cognitive, and emotional dimensions of grief through time. What are the navigational tools on a grief path? The gestural paint applied over the rationalized pencil grid reflects the emotional immediacy of each moment, and letting go of cultural expectations around each loss resulted in moments of grace and acceptance.




As 2015 kicks off plans are in the works for curatorial projects placing contemporary art in offices in LA. 

MITHILA PAINTING: The Evolution of an Art Form Co-curated and managed by Patter Hellstrom Visual Art the show is filled with fantastic connections between traditional and contemporary subject matter and styles. The Ethnic Art Foundation shares the amazing work throughout the United States.  “Over the past several decades, the artists of the Mithila communities have produced an astonishingly brilliant body of works on paper, drawing on their centuries old iconographic traditions and techniques as well as evolving new imagery and approaches that reflect global transformations. I have rarely encountered such a highly concentrated number of exceptionally gifted artists. They are a treasure!” Lawrence Rinder, Director Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive.