New Work / Current Exhibitions


ArtHaus Gallery to exhibit a NEW large-scale Hellstrom painting in their April 2014 group exhibition on view April 4 to June 28, 2014. DREAM YOGA 60" x 60" acrylic ink on polypropylene is mounted on plexi. 


Swept Under 48" x 24" diptych 

“Isolated brush movements executed with mudra-like precision give physical expression to an inner state of being, offering a platform to investigate the dichotomy between thought and emotion. That curious space is ripe with a complexity. The alchemy of how experience is lived out dwells in the constancy of change despite our desire for permanence.

Composed of energy emotions flow like water, mixing with our consciousness likened to pigment. Together they create a vivid flow of energy, both deeply felt and ever changing. Balance is reached in my work as structural lines are held despite insistent disruptions, speaking to stability within chaos. A seamless method of applying ink with unlikely brushes to a slick surface records the ephemeral moment or spark of experience. Focus turns to the shaped pieces which encapsulate the flow of emotion, releasing the gesture from its' format. 

Dream Yoga informs the newest work speaking to a state of awareness, the lucid dream in which the unconscious delivers opportunities for discovery, healing, and growth. Tibetan Buddhists have long practiced dream yoga suggesting that dreams act as a mirror, presenting you with a reflection of yourself. Becoming conscious within your unconscious makes available a deep connection to one’s own inner world.

In the last few months I have been making squares as they relate best to my concept with the non-directional format. The large pieces (48" square and 60"square) look globally at consciousness while in the dream state, exploring vivid dreams, nightmares, and the nightly cycling through waking moments. Order is then created from that dream experience, which informs creativity and problem solving.

The smaller panels are dream fragments, parts of dreams often half remembered. Sometimes I use the "fragment panels" as part of the larger painting in the process, masking ink and interrupting the stroke." PH

Avoidance 24" x 48" diptych




"Some top notch art is coming in and we are seeking more of the same caliber. Jury session #1 reviewed pieces from 40 artists, including: Hung Liu, Jock Sturges, Jylian Gustlin, Ken Probst, Beka Brayer, Fernando Reyes, Patter Hellstrom, Heather Robinson, and David Ohlerking-to name just a few."


Unique Multiples



Unique Multiples are available and depict Hellstrom's images printed on a metal surface. This new method allows the piece to change with lighting conditions.

 Here CLASH is seen in the 16" x 20" size printed on metal with a one inch back frame floating the image off the wall. This new format can be printed up to 58" x 58".


Hellstrom + Design

Poliform exhibits Hellstrom's Twin Impulses 48" x 72" featured in that Applegate Tran showroom at the SF Design Center. 

Twin Impulses was also featured in the HGTV article in Front Door with collaborating partners CLIMB and ArtHaus.

Hellstrom's diptych Twin Impluses used in innovative CLIMB + ArtHaus collaboration depicted in HGTV's magazine Front Door


GRIEF PATH: an installation at CIIS - FILM OF PROJECT 

In Grief Path, Bay Area-based artist Patter Hellstrom traced the last four years of her life, marked by significant personal losses of some of those closest to her. Informed by her own Judeo-Christian upbringing balanced against a deep interest in Buddhist principles, the artist maps the psychological, cognitive, and emotional dimensions of grief through time. What are the navigational tools on a grief path? The gestural paint applied over the rationalized pencil grid reflects the emotional immediacy of each moment, and letting go of cultural expectations around each loss resulted in moments of grace and acceptance.




MITHILA PAINTING: The Evolution of an Art Form

Exhibition at the University of CA Fresno / FALL 2012

Co-curated and managed by Patter Hellstrom Visual Art the show is filled with fantastic connections between traditional and contemporary subject matter and styles. The Ethnic Art Foundation shares the amazing work throughout the United States. California State University / Fresno opened the tour in the Fall of 2012. New Delhi India hosted in the winter, then the exhibition opened Fall 2013 at the Chazen Museum in Madison Wisconsin. Listen to a WI Public Radio interview with the museum director on the show.

January - March 2014 takes the tour to Syracuse University in New York after which a number of the pieces will go into the perment collection of the Chazen Museum. The refreshed exhibition will continue its' tour in the fall of 2014. 

2014 exhibition at University of Syracuse NY

Exhibition at the Chazen Museum of Art / FALL 2013

“Over the past several decades, the artists of the Mithila communities have produced an astonishingly brilliant body of works on paper, drawing on their centuries old iconographic traditions and techniques as well as evolving new imagery and approaches that reflect global transformations. I have rarely encountered such a highly concentrated number of exceptionally gifted artists. They are a treasure!”
Lawrence Rinder, Director Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive.