Aegean Inspired / Imperfect Protection

Imperfect Protection triptych 24" x 56" mixed media


BIG JOY 30" x 90" available through ArtHaus Gallery SF


See Hellstrom's work this summer in Arts Distrist Studio / Downtown Los Angeles or in San Francisco's ArtHaus Gallery in it's new location this October on Townsend Street in the SF TECH Corridor. 


Downtown Light 2018


EQUALITY UPENDED GOLDEN RULE above and EQUALITY UPENDED below (Both diptychs 48" x 26")

2018 Arc / San Francisco

Equality Upended is inspired by the use of mirroring as a means to create empathy and build relationships. Both efforts are highly valued by the artist. Hellstrom's new work relates to the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science (Stony Brook University) focus on communication and empathy. Adding elements of inequality, the coloration is drawn from complimentary opposites. Precise graphite under drawings contrast with the flowing gestural inks at the surface. 

These works track Hellstrom's year-long political activity in which she explored political voice in effort to build equality within a national vision. Recognizing that binary choices honored without depth of understanding reek havoc, a reality played out as our national dialog centered on lies and inequality. Presented in the age-old diptych format, Hellstrom contrasts tradition with new media. In this case the two panels create a horizontal equal symbol turned on end vertically. 






Installed in Collections

Undertow installed in private collection

Hungry Ghost Dreams 48" square at Nuance

Heaven, Earth And Humanity pair installed














Hellstrom review here   DOWN LOAD  

GALLERY | QR: Interactive Works by Patter Hellstrom 

"Patter's paintings are alluring. Her paintings beckon the viewer to visually get lost in the undulation that is created by her use of medium. I have never known any artist to work with the acrylic ink wash on polypropylene. Her mastery of the fluidity of motion is her own language. It is very rare to find ones solo voice when so much has been done in the name of art."  

Annette Schutz, Owner of ArtHaus Gallery SF




SMW Pop Up exhibition 2016




CURATORIAL PROJECTS | Corporate . Museum . Gallery

CORPORATE PROJECT I first worked with Patter Hellstrom Visual Art when Vedder Price, an international general-practice law firm, selected Patter’s work for the second quarterly art installation in our San Francisco office.  Patter and Paul also worked closely with us to plan our first client/artist reception, which featured Patter’s works.  When we opened our Los Angeles office, we engaged Patter Hellstrom Visual Art to curate its quarterly art installations.  Patter and Paul have been outstanding art partners offering a variety of works from local artists, attending to every detail, and providing beautiful collateral material to accompany each installation.  I highly recommend them.”  Michele Reilly, Office Manager Vedder Price SF 

Vedder Price / Los Angeles Projects

  • Gina Stepaniuk / New Views: Planet Earth
  • Marion Lane / Geometric Abstraction
  • Gregg Chadwick / Atmospheric Cityscapes
  • Gay Summer Rick / Urban Coast 
  • Patter Hellstrom / Flow
  • Nadege Monchera Baer / Abstraction
  • Catherine Ruane / Palm View
  • Jill Sykes / Poetic Observation
  • Bryan Ida / Geometry
  • Sonja Schenk / Formations 

Vedder Price / Chicago International Headquarters

THE LAKE | Michael Davidson and Thomas Hellstrom

THE CITY | Rita Grendze and Krista Svalbonas

THE RIVER | Elina Ruka   

SEASONS | Anne Hayden Stevens

MARKERS | Jane Carney