Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.

~ Albert Einstein 

New work 60" x 30" acrylic ink on polypropylene

Hellstrom quoted on Manet:

Manet & Feminism



In the studio....

Tranquil Wind 1 + 2 each piece 30" x 30" wood panel cradled and resin finished


In the Gallery



TWENTY / TWENTY Group exhibition

Hellstrom's Pulling Strings on view 30" x 60". Hellstrom is represented by ArtHaus Gallery San Francisco.


Resin finished paintings on board with mixed media seen here.


Offering a new persepective, these pieces are also digital. The flow is illustrated as the pieces are animated, then presented on digital platforms. Innovation through tech offers a fresh perspective. 



Ascending Heart super graphic is over 36 feet long in San Diego. About energy, the piece graces a new tech/financial company mixing brush strokes and digital media to create visual excitement in the workplace (right). Source Art | Los Angeles managed and directed the project.


Spatial stillness in the voids examine the interconnected quality between energy and action. The work looks at how we balance and see the the interconnectedness of silence and action within the flow of energy. Aegean inspired blue waves combined with the Greek mati symbol of protection figure prominently in Hellstrom's new work. Entitled Imperfect Protection, she combines art and political practice. This work calls to action elected US officials, inscribing their names among the waves of distress which are diminishing America. The artists' daily call lists are inscribed, documenting one citizens' voice spoken with urgency in our current climate. The Imperfect Protection series is filled with waves of symbolism below blending political action through names inscribed in the flow.



Undertow installed in private collection

Hungry Ghost Dreams 48" square at Nuance

Heaven, Earth And Humanity pair installed











SF Condo | Dreams Together 48" x48"



GALLERY | QR: Interactive Works by Patter Hellstrom 

"Patter's paintings are alluring. Her paintings beckon the viewer to visually get lost in the undulation that is created by her use of medium. I have never known any artist to work with the acrylic ink wash on polypropylene. Her mastery of the fluidity of motion is her own language. It is very rare to find ones solo voice when so much has been done in the name of art."  

Annette Schutz, Owner of ArtHaus Gallery SF












CURATORIAL PROJECTS | Corporate . Museum . Gallery

CORPORATE PROJECT I first worked with Patter Hellstrom Visual Art when Vedder Price, an international general-practice law firm, selected Patter’s work for the second quarterly art installation in our San Francisco office.  Patter and Paul also worked closely with us to plan our first client/artist reception, which featured Patter’s works.  When we opened our Los Angeles office, we engaged Patter Hellstrom Visual Art to curate its quarterly art installations.  Patter and Paul have been outstanding art partners offering a variety of works from local artists, attending to every detail, and providing beautiful collateral material to accompany each installation.  I highly recommend them.”  Michele Reilly, Office Manager Vedder Price SF 

Vedder Price / Los Angeles 

  • Gina Stepaniuk / Planet Earth
  • Marion Lane / Geometric Abstraction
  • Gregg Chadwick / Atmospheric Cityscapes
  • Gay Summer Rick / Urban Coast 
  • Patter Hellstrom / Flow
  • Nadege Monchera Baer / Abstraction
  • Catherine Ruane / Palm View
  • Jill Sykes / Poetic Observation
  • Bryan Ida / Geometry
  • Sonja Schenk / Formations
  • Kim Mara + Christine Rasmussen / Architectural Memory
  • Javiera Estrada / Starlight
  • Annie Seaton / Seaside

Vedder Price / Chicago International Headquarters 

  • THE LAKE | Michael Davidson and Thomas Hellstrom
  • THE CITY | Rita Grendze and Krista Svalbonas
  • THE RIVER | Elina Ruka   
  • SEASONS | Anne Hayden Stevens
  • MARKERS | Jane Carney
  • ABSTRACTION MULTIPLIED | Jeanine Coupe Ryding