Patter Hellstrom, Floating Sari, 2008; 40" x 26" acrylic on polypropylene; © Patter Hellstrom
Materials + Presentation


  • Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink and Golden Fluid Acrylics. These intensely pigmented acrylic-based inks are waterproof when dry and generally lightfast. Compatible with acrylics.

  • Polypropylene material is synthetic and manufactured by Yupo Corporation. It has the benefits of extraordinary durability, non-absorbent surface resists tearing and buckling and remains perfectly flat.  The material is PH neutral, and flawlessly smooth.


Panel paintings are created by mounting the polypropylene material onto acrylic panels. These 1/4" plexi panels are mounted with a recessed frame in natural wood and a polished plexi edge giving the panel painting a finished contemporary quality.

Patter Hellstrom has exhibited panel paintings
in San Francisco since 2009 at Mina Dresden Gallery, The McLoughlin Gallery, SF Fine Art Fair, SF Art Pad, ArtHaus Gallery, 5 Claude Lane Gallery, ARC Gallery, LIM Gallery, Artify It, SQUARE Headquarters, CLIMB, CIIS Gallery, SF Zen Center and Lennar Urban.


Shaped Collages 

Front mounted with plexi glass these polypropylene and acrylic ink collages are shapped and have a back frame.  These are an important development where the plexi glass face and shaped body present a fresh look with the plexi glass amplifying the inks' color, iridescence and subtle texture. The shaped work now breaks free of the rectangular format with flowing movement.


PUSH 30" x 60" created with a broom on polypropylene