Collections and Associations

CREST at CLIMB in the Sunset Conference room

Dreams Together 48" square acrylic ink on polypropylene installed


2012 San Francisco Private Collection / Heaven, Earth and Passion 10ft x 3ft 2013 Very young collector San Anselmo, CA


Public Collections  

CLIMB Real Estate ~ San Franisco California

Betsy Ross House Museum ~ Philidelphia

Inland Empire Art Museum ~ Los Angeles California

JPMorgan Chase Art Collection ~ New York

Nantong Museum ~ Nantong China

Pershing Foundation ~ New York

Simon Corporation (Mall of America) ~ Minneapolis

McDonalds Corporation ~ Chicago

Pfizer Art Collection ~ New Jersey

Westin Hotel Jersey City Newport ~ New Jersey


Patter Hellstrom's Shiva NE in the St Regis Residence - Interiors: Kendall Wilkinson Design (Blue Tangerine Art Advisors)


2006 - current Ongoing  Artist-in-residence, Stuart Hall San Francisco Schools of the Sacred Heart

2010 - current board of Directors Ethnic Arts Foundation and BrightFuture Foundation

2006 - 2008 ArtSpan Board of Directors

2000 - 2001 Jersey City Museum, Advisory Committee

1997 - 2002 ProArts Board of Directors / Founder of the ProArts Art & Business Initiative

1994 - 2004 St. Peter’s Preparatory School, Founding Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department 


Typhoon, a mural-size painting by Hellstrom installed in a new construction home in South Lake Tahoe.