Collections and Associations

BD BIO TECH / Inspired by the brilliant pigments of multicolor flow cytometry, Patter Hellstrom created this large-scale piece for BD Biosciences to commemorate the creation of the first set of Product Development Modules on campus. This new spatial ecosystem is designed to improve collaboration and teamwork to promote scientific innovation, stimulate technological breakthroughs, and accelerate product development from idea to launch. GRACE on view caps the innovation space in relationship to the expansive super graphic.


ARTHAUS Gallery collector UnterTow installed

SMW Design | SF












































CREST at CLIMB in the Sunset Conference room

Dreams Together 48" square acrylic ink on polypropylene installed

2012 San Francisco Private Collection / Heaven, Earth and Passion 10ft x 3ft 2013 Very young collector San Anselmo, CA


Public Collections

BD Bio Tech ~ San Jose Campus

NUANCE ~ Silicon Valley Offices 

NUANCE ~ New Jersey Offices

CLIMB Real Estate ~ San Franisco 

Betsy Ross House Museum ~ Philidelphia

Inland Empire Art Museum ~ Los Angeles

JPMorgan Chase Art Collection ~ New York

Nantong Museum ~ Nantong China

Pershing Foundation ~ New York

Simon Corporation (Mall of America) ~ Minneapolis

McDonalds Corporation ~ Chicago

Pfizer Art Collection ~ New Jersey

Westin Hotel Jersey City Newport ~ New Jersey


Patter Hellstrom's Shiva NE in the St Regis Residence - Interiors: Kendall Wilkinson Design (Blue Tangerine Art Advisors)


2017 ongoing Artist Educator + Art Specialist, Mirman School, BelAir CA

2006 - 2017 Artist-in-residence, Stuart Hall San Francisco Schools of the Sacred Heart

2010 - 2015 board of Directors Ethnic Arts Foundation and BrightFuture Foundation

2006 - 2008 ArtSpan Board of Directors

2000 - 2001 Jersey City Museum, Advisory Committee

1997 - 2002 ProArts Board of Directors / Founder of the ProArts Art & Business Initiative

1994 - 2004 St. Peter’s Preparatory School, Founding Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department 



Typhoon, a mural-size painting by Hellstrom installed in a new construction home in South Lake Tahoe.