Curatorial Projects:



Gina Stepaniuk / New Views: Planet Earth a Patter Hellstrom Visual Art project at Vedder Price LA headquarters in Q3 is followed by Marion Lane's  relentless geomerty within organic forms entitled Geometric Abstraction: Made of this World in Q4. The new year 2016 begins with Gregg Chadwick's Atmospheric Cityscapes that focus on the film industy.



The show is filled with fantastic connections between traditional and contemporary subject matter and styles. The Ethnic Art Foundation is sharing this amazing work throughout the United States for the next two years. Patter Hellstrom Visual Art / Curatorial is assisting with it's management.  Venues include the California State University/Fresno, Artist Gallery New Delhi, India, Chazen Museum University of Wisconsin and Syracuse University.

MITHILA PAINTING: The Evolution of an Art Form


  "How can one generalize about a genre that includes: Baua Devi's lush interpretations of the Krishna stories; Pinki Kumari's de- and re-construction of the classic ritual kohbar motif; Priyansha's extraordinary homage to a Botticelli Nativity; Rani Jha's powerful and disturbing depiction of the abortion clinic; Shalinee Kumari's iconic visions of capitalism and global warming" says John H. Bowles, author of Painted Songs & Stories: The Hybrid Flowerings of Contemporary Pardhan Gond Art.

While Joanna Williams, one of the most respected South Asia Art Historians in the USA and professor of Art History at the University of California, Berkeley stated that, "in 40 paintings on paper this exhibit updates an ancient wall painting tradition ranging from the early deities and marriage images to contemporary narratives and social and feminist themes."

 Exhibition BLOG 

Contact Paul S. Aaronson, Exhibition Manager for the details of exhibition booking or more data about the show.



Works on paper sourced for a Luxury condo building on the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan


Tomomi Ono print reproduced at 10 x 13 ft in the Westin Hotel


Patter Hellstrom and Peter Zirnis curated 75 original art works, a large-scale mobile and an enlargement of artist Tomomi Ono's print Seed Fusion into the public spaces of the Westin Hotel Jersey City Newport which opened in 2009. 

Renewal in Westin Hotel by Kate Kaman

Prints by Tomomi Ono and sculpture by David Engdahl in the Westin hotel




Exhibitions 2002- 2007

Art Newport - October 2002 
New Growth - December 2002 
Color Complexities - January 2003 
Inside/Out - October 2003 
Spirit in Art - March 2004 
Encyclopedia of Images - October 2004 
Art at Newport - Sculpture Walk - August 2005
Outer Worlds /Inner Thoughts - August 2005
Views from Newport - May - August 2006
Discover Mithila - December 2006 - February 2007


MACK-CALI REALTY Exhibition Series:

  • Glimmering Hues February - April 2005
  • DIVERGE May - July 2005
  • Building Blocks August 2005 - January 2006 


PUBLIC ART / Pavonia Arcs

Commissioned Sculpture by Robert Pfitzenmeier, 2004 / project managed by Hellstrom+Zirnis

Sculpture 'surfs' onto waterfront

Bonnie Friedman

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Robert Pfitzenmeier's "Pavonia Arcs," a 16-foot stainless steel and zerconium sculpture in the shape of a sail, was unveiled in front of the Fleet Bank on Pavonia Avenue and Washington Boulevard Tuesday, making it the newest addition to the Newport waterfront. Commissioned by the Queens-based Lefrak Organization, which owns the building, the structure's theme is in keeping with its proximity to water - suggesting the shape and movement of a wind surf.

"I'm a sailor and a windsurfer," said Pfitzenmeier, the 57-year-old Jersey City artist who lives and works just steps away from the statue."And this relates to that dynamic. The wind is such a powerful force here." This is the second outdoor installation for Pfitzenmeier, who said he chose stainless steel and zerconium because of the durable nature of the material. The nine triangular panels inside the sail are brilliant shades of orange, pink, blue and yellow,and flutter with the wind. Jamie LeFrak, a principal in the family-run Lefrak Organization, said he chose this particular design because of how it evokes movement. "I think, aesthetically, it's most pleasing," Lefrak said. "I like the expressive feature of the sail."

During his 30-year career, Pfitzenmeier has created indoor installations around the country, including Alaska, Delaware, Wisconsin, and in New York's Kennedy International Airport. Many of his works have been commissioned for hospitals. "I think hospitals have been responsive because the work has an upbeat quality to it," Pfitzenmeier said. "It is colorful and abstract and has a healing quality to it."

For Pfitzenmeier, the unveiling was especially exciting, given that he lives so close to where the statue stands. "Lots of times, I make a statue and that's it,"he said. "Now I can see it all the time." Pfitzenmeier, who has a studio at 111 First Street, an artist's enclave in the nearby Powerhouse Arts District, was joined by many of his fellow artists at the unveiling.

"We're very proud," said Nancy Wells, a mixed-media artist. "It's so nice to come out and be a part of something happening in the community. " Peter Zirnis, of Hellstrom/Zirnis, the company that headed up the artist search, thanked the Lefrak organization for commissioning the work.