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Inovation Education Project 



SPRING 2018 On View at ArtHaus Gallery


2017 ArtHaus Exhibition


PUSH on view at ArtHaus  






Cork Tartan reproduced  in ELLE French FALL/WINTER



 Fall 2015 AWARDS BOMBAY Artisan Series SF Finalist | Shooting Gallery


Patter Hellstrom's Hungry Ghost Dreams 48" x 48
" was featured by designer Scott Meacham Woods at The 2015 Hampton Designer Showhouse presented by Traditional Home to benefit Southampton Hospital.  

"Scot Meacham Wood's Camp Citron demonstrates a beautiful medley of color and textures together in a small space that somehow makes it appear larger then it is.  He creates a welcoming Americana aesthetic that makes you yearn for summer all year long." NEST

"The mud room’s bold color palette reflects the acid yellow and bright red of its tartan accessories, selected from the designer’s own textile and home decor collection, Scot Meacham Wood Home, launching this fall. Sporting goods such as an antique croquet set and bespoke kayaks imbue the space with a lively, adventurous feel. Original contemporary artwork from Andrea Arroyo, Jhina Alvarado, and Patter Hellstrom represented by San Francisco-based ArtHaus Gallery adorns the room’s walls. Uniting his home of San Francisco with the Showhouse’s New York location, Scot selected pieces from artists hailing from both coastal cities and presents their works side by side. With his tailored details and fresh palette, Scot creates an impactful space that is both functional and chic." PRWEB


2015 Solo Exhibition

QR QUICK RESPONSE: Interactive Works by Patter Hellstrom 

 ArtHaus (project gallery) 411 Brannan Street San Francisco April 9th Exhibition Dates: April 9 –June 27, 2015 Opening Reception: Thursday evening, April 9th, 6-‐8pm  Media Contact: James Bacchi james@arthaus-‐ review 



Fall 2014

Hellstrom's Liberty Shrine: Betsy Ross from her Women in America Historty Project in the collection of the Betsy Ross House Museum in Phildelphia PA 

SELECT WORKS: Patter Hellstrom, Arc Fine Arts curatorial project at Vedder Price San Francisco headquarters - California / Installation photos by Mido Lee Productions  

"Hellstrom’s abstract and prismatic works invoke the beauty of calligraphic brush painting. Through acrylic ink and a slick polypropylene surface, Hellstrom unlocks a current of color and emotion as she walks the tight rope between balance and chaos.... Catalog essay Michael Yochum 


ArtMRKT Art Fair Advertising | Hellstrom's BOOM used as pirmary image


2013 Starting Point collected by the Inland Empire Museum of Art 


Inside Innovative Minds: An Interview with Entrepreneur Patter Hellstrom. "Earning respect and a living as an artist is no easy feat but Patter Hellstrom has done just that. Working out of her San Francisco studio, the postmodern American abstract painter has exhibited in museums across the country, and has served as guest artist to the Mithila Art Institute in India in 2008. In 2012 French filmmaker Cedric Pillard created a short film about Hellstrom's process related to her installation project at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Armed with such impressive credits, Meet Advisors was excited to find out what makes this energized artist tick by asking three key questions."


November 2013

Hellstrom at USF speaking in Aesthetics + Philosophy of Art classes on how her work is informed by Feminism and Global Culture



LIM Gallery 2013

Digital Catalog CURRENTS: Patter Hellstrom

 LIM Gallery presented a solo exhibit of abstract and prismatic works by Patter Hellstrom July - September.  That work unlocked the flow of color and emotion through acrylic ink on a slick polypropylene surface.  Hellstrom walked the tight rope between balance and chaos.  

LIM Gallery located at the base of Potrero Hill in the Design Center at the corner of 16th Street and Rhode Island, Lim Gallery is an innovative event-based space. Determined to suit a lifestyle occupied with art, tech, design, and culture in San Francisco, Lim Gallery serves as a meeting place for the city's most influential artists, tech innovators, entrepreneurs and thinkers, all of whom have helped redefine what it means to live, work, and thrive in the digital world.  


HGTV web site Front Door features an Summer 2013 article on CLIMB + ArtHaus project in which Hellstrom's Twin Impluses is featured



Interview with Patter Hellstrom / March 20th 2013 CIIS  

Interview with Artist Patter Hellstrom By Michelle Champlin, MFA candidate in the Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts program at CIIS


Meditative Flow / San Francisco Zen Center 

Hellstrom's January 2013 exhibition was an excellent fit with the aesthetic of her work - flowing with gesture and color.

Review January 4, 2013

 ‎"Meditate on the confluence of art and spiritual practice here through Patter Hellstrom's manifestations of serene spontaneity."

Alan Bamberger

Exhibition catalog 


Fall 2012 
Film by Cedric Pilard on Grief Path, an installation by Patter Hellstrom 

On September 4, 2012, we’ll unveil a 40-foot long mural entitled Grief Path, on view through the end of 2012 in the 3rd floor gallery of the CIIS Main Building at 1453 Mission Street in San Francisco. Integrating techniques developed over a fifteen-year study of Chinese brush painting with very contemporary materials, Hellstrom often paints on slick polypropylene surfaces. The artist balances structure and chance, and artistic influences that range from the remote villages in the Bihar region of India near Nepal to Agnes Martin’s measured abstraction. 

Utilizing the loose, expressive, calligraphic brushstroke that characterizes her bestknown work, Hellstrom will put to use a wide range of tools, working with everything from house brooms and broad old-fashioned wall-paper paste brushes, to Japanese sumi brushes. To achieve the viscosity required to work upright on a wall at this scale, she’ll use low VOC house paints from the hardware store to achieve her lush, translucent, and emotionally evocative washes.

Deirdre Visser, CIIS arts curator, comments on the mural: “Mapping the emotional, psychological and cognitive dimensions of grief, as they’re experienced through time, Hellstrom’s piece will complicate conventional ideas about grief and loss. These conventions include suggestions that it should last only a fixed period of time, or that there is an uni-directional path of healing that will be common from one individual to the next, or even one experience of loss to the next for the same person.” The mural will be on view to the public through the end of 2012.  Public Programming: Friday, September 21, The Arts at CIIS hosts Patter Hellstrom in a public dialogue about her work, and intersecting influences from Buddhism to abstract expressionism.




Honoring Women's Rights: Visual Voices Together National Steinbeck Center Museum, Salinas CA

(catalog available) Exhibit jurred by Dr. Joyce Aiken, Dr. Ruth Weisberg and Patricia Rodriquez is concurrent with a conference.




GIRL GROUP at ArtHaus San Francisco - See Patter Hellstrom in the context of  women artists from New York and California in December 2011. Link to TV coverage of the event.


RUSH Arts Foundation / Bombay Sappire Artisan awards west coast finalist in San Francisco at 5 Claude Lane Gallery curated by Andre Guichard. Tantra seen here was included in that stage of judging. 




Jason Lahman's essay about Hellstrom's work

Patter Hellstrom's Sublime Choreographies of the Centered Self  "The rich acrylic inks slide, stretch and swim across the polypropylene, the visual equivalents of musical sounds.....The volatility of liquid has been channeled with extreme skill into compositions that are redolent with the rhythms of underlying cosmic processes.  One feels that the surface is  a laboratory, a theatre to witness the mysterious stages of an alchemical unfolding."  Jason Lahman is a Guest Blogger Art21, historian, poet and essayist based in San Francisco



"ArtBusiness said of Patter Hellstroms' work: "Bright colors frozen in motion and abstraction. Wonderful and accessible. These artworks meander their way into your consciousness."



LA Weekly said of her work:  "Patter Hellstrom, whose calligraphic brushstrokes and daring use of color will have a natural dialogue with the chance element of the flow painters."


7X7 Hot Pages AUGUST This Week's Hotest Events:
"Patter Hellstrom SF artist and SECA Award nominee Patter Hellstrom shows off her brilliant brushwork in bold colors." 



 DHARMA TALK : Got Attitude? by Steve Armstrong with paintings by Patter Hellstrom Tricycle FALL issue 2010

byline and reproduced art by Patter Hellstrom  Got Attitude?



ARTSLANT images reproduced | SFStation About CHANCE WIND

Having recently returned from an extended voyage to India, Patter Hellstrom shares her visual and spiritual inspiration for a new body of work showcased in this exhibition. The complexity and fluidity of the many peoples, ideas, histories, religions, and personal narratives encountered on her journey find allegorical expression in paintings such as Travel Log; an impenetrable yet absorptive column of swirling liquid blues and murky black, marked by faint yellow paths and strains of vermillion passages and points.   Tradition and ephemerality scream and fade through works such as Sindoor, with fiery blots of red and orange bleeding vapors of yellow and sky blue streams to the edges of the sheet. The enigmatic steps and arcs that comprise India lures viewers to linger on each pool, spray, speckle, and rivulet of color, encouraging them to construct their own stories and imaginary maps. This exhibition will be on view and open to the public from Oct. 23 - Nov. 13, 2008.


Blue Tangerine Art Newsletter: Advice for the Contemporary Collector  

November 2008  Blue Tangerine Art interviews: Patter Hellstrom


Feature Story, “Patter Hellstrom, Stuart Hall High School Artist In Residence”, 2007 Convent/Stuart Hall Bulletin pg37

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“Post 911 Artist dialogues since 9/11/200” images reproduced Fotophile 39, Long Island City, NY 

“USA - China 2000: a diverse exhibition of artists from Jersey City, NJ”, Nantong Museum, China – Catalog “10 Artists from Jersey City 2000”, an exhibition traveling to museums in Russia and the USA - Catalog




"GENERATIONS", an exhibition document commemorating women’s shared history created by A.I.R. Gallery, NYC  in the collection of the Archives of American Art

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Exhibition Reviews

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