January 2013 San Francisco Zen Center / Meditative Flow  

Hellstrom's january 2013 exhibition was an excellent fit with the aesthetic of her work - flowing with gesture and color. ‎"Meditate on the confluence of art and spiritual practice here through Patter Hellstrom's manifestations of serene spontaneity." Alan Bamberger Exhibition catalog 

August 2011 EXPRESSIVE FLOW at the Mcloughlin Gallery 

 ArtBusiness said of Patter Hellstroms' work: "Bright colors frozen in motion and abstraction. Wonderful and accessible. These artworks meander their way into your consciousness."

Patter Hellstrom’s Sublime Choreographies of the Centered Self

Essay by Jason Lahman, Guest Blogger Art21, historian, poet and essayist based in San Francisco

 “Expressive Flow” is the title of Patter Hellstrom‘s upcoming exhibition of remarkable abstract paintings opening at The McLoughlin Gallery on August 4. The title is apt as it conveys  the psychological and oceanic quality of the works . Although at first sight one might be reminded of certain abstract expressionists (particularly Helen Frankenthaler), repeated viewings reveal an entirely original sensibility. The volatility of liquid has been channeled with extreme skill into compositions that are redolent with the rhythms of underlying cosmic processes.   One feels that the surface is  a laboratory, a theatre to witness the mysterious stages of an alchemical unfolding.


February 2011 LA Weekly said of her work:

"Patter Hellstrom, whose calligraphic brushstrokes and daring use of color will have a natural dialogue with the chance element of the flow painters."

L'Ermitage project in celebration of the Grammy's curated by Blue Tangerine Art in Beverly Hills - California 


Blue Tangerine Interview with Patter Hellstrom 2008

...Q: What is the primary motivation behind your work? "I make these images to convey stability within chaos. Equilibrium is reached in my work as structural lines hold despite insistent disruptions. My motivation is to express my developing understanding of concepts and ways of understanding my life experiences." PH 

Q: How would you describe your creative impulse? "My creative impulse grows from my need to decode the world around me and explore the nuisances of that experience..." PH


2008 ArtBusines said: The Linearis Institute, formerly the Masterworks Institute for Works on Paper relocates to tony Maiden Lane, and celebrates the incarnation with a show of direct confident unequivocal Zen-like abstracts on yupo (plastic) paper by Patter Hellstrom..."


 2007 from press release "....Completely synthetic and made entirely of polypropylene, other artists have found the paper to be receptive to various aqueous techniques. However, Hellstrom has chosen to highlight the synthetic quality of the yupo paper by painting entirely in acrylic ink, a departure from media seen in her previous work. The yupo paper works demonstrate continuity in concept of Dharma, circular motifs balanced along a central axis while splayed with pools and spatters of bold colors. Some pieces also contain her signature geometric graphite constructions, acting as a point of reference within spacious areas of color and evoke the paradox of detachment in the midst of undermining forces."

2007 Shared Motifs was a curatorial project by Suleyman Cooke in which visual connections were draw between the paintings of contemporary artist Patter Hellstrom and master prints by Miro, Chagall, and Picasso.


2006 Art Business Sandip Ray says: "First of all it is always refreshing to see gouache on paper, and Hellstrom's calligraphic influence takes bold gambles which pay off in the perfect execution of dynamic displays of harmonious circles, straight lines, spatters of colors fading into thin diminuendos, lines bleeding into tributaries".

This exhibition of works of art by Patter Hellstrom is comprised mostly of pieces created by the artist since her move to California in 2004. Entitled Abundance, the exhibit represents Hellstrom’s expression of gratitude for the sense of abundance in her life, especially the depth of her work and her opportunities to share her work with others. 


Art in Soul: Jersey City exhibit combines meditation and thinking
Jessica Rosero  reports..."The idea for the newest art exhibit in Jersey City "Spirit in Art," is to expose metaphysical art to the public, a type of work which is much inspired by meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and Buddhist thinking on the part of the artist, as well as other forms of spiritual discipline. According to Peter Zirnis, curator for the exhibit, many of the pieces presented are metaphors for people coming through their earthly wants, and achieving a purified state of thinking.” It’s enriching, it's exciting," said Zirnis, referring to the introduction these metaphysical art works to the public. "And then having people come, you learn from different view points."

".....Based on an artist slide/lecture program of the same topic organized by France Garrido, another featured artist, and Rocio Aranda Alvarado given at the Jersey City Museum back in November, where Patter Hellstrom was invited to speak, "Spirit in Art" became a project between Peter Zirnis and Patter Hellstrom. "I was so impressed, that Peter and I put the idea together for an exhibit," said Hellstrom. "I heard about some of the work, and I thought it would be great to give it a wider audience," said Peter Zirnis, curator. These artists are interested in spirituality in their art, and try to define that in their art."